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ENABLER-P Catheter System

The ENABLER Technology has demonstrated its ability to advance a guidewire in the most challenging environments, including the crossing of long and severely calcified Chronic Total Occlusions.

Using traditional balloon technologies, EndoCross has developed a unique balloon designed to provide guidewire support, centralization, and controlled advancement.

The ENABLER Catheter System is comprised of the ENABLER-P Catheter, the ENABLER Pressure Control Unit (PCU), a syringe-set and a sterile cover.

The ENABLER Pressure Control Unit (PCU) is used to automate the inflation and deflation of the catheter’s balloon.

The ENABLER-P technology is designed to improve success rates and clinical outcomes of percutaneous interventional procedures by providing:

  • A user friendly device: The ENABLER Catheter has the look and feel of a traditional balloon catheter, and it is advanced to the target lesion over a standard 0.035 guidewire.
  • Guidewire centralization and stabilization: Balloon inflation proximal to the target lesion anchors the balloon against the vessel wall, resulting in guidewire support and centralization. Additional inflations of the balloon result in gripping of the guidewire and controlled guidewire advancement.
  • Grip-Advance-Release mechanism: Increase in balloon pressure results in balloon elongation, such that the guidewire is gripped by the inner tube and advanced forward. Decrease in balloon pressure results in the balloon returning to its original shape so the guidewire can be released and moved freely.
  • Enhanced guidewire tip force and pushability:  Advancing the guidewire from a close proximity to the lesion prevents buckling and allows for focused force transfer.