Peripheral Catheter System

The ENABLER-P Peripherial Catheter System has already been used in over 22 centers around Europe and has shown itself to be a simple and effective in crossing the most challenging leasions.

The Peripheral Catheter Systems is available in both a 6mm size for CTO’s of the femoropopliteal (above the knee) arteries and a 3mm size for CTO’s below the knee.

4cm severely calcified SFA

Case Study

7cm mod. cal. in-stent

7cm SFA occlusion

30cm BTK30cm BTK

30cm BTK CTO

10cm SFA occlusion, >12mo.

15cm CTO in 8 Min

34cm SFA / Popliteal


Code: 6000  3500
Contents: ENABLER Catheter, PCU,
Guidewire, Syringe-set,
Sterile Cover
ENABLER Catheter, PCU,
Guidewire, Syringe-set,
Sterile Cover
Vessel Diameter: 4-6mm 2-3mm
Working Length: 107cm 150cm
Sheath   Compatibility: 6Fr 4Fr
Guidewire Compatibility: .035” .014”
*In the United States of America, the ENABLER-P Catheter System is an investigational device, limited to investigational use only and not available for sale.