Ofer Hi-Tech was established in 1997 as a subsidiary of Ofer Group, one of Israel’s leading industrial and commercial conglomerates, with strong international presence. The team was assembled to support private equity investments in the pioneering and rapidly expanding IT and life science industries in Israel. Ofer Hi-Tech are committed to advancing technological entrepreneurship in Israel by supporting pre-seed and seed technological research and development companies in both life sciences and IT sectors. A culture of innovation and entrepreneurship combined with world-class academic institutes, medical centers, and research facilities, Israel has a broad range of cutting-edge technological advances that is the foundation of successful companies.

VPartners is an innovative private equity investment fund focused primarily on technology based growth opportunities in Israel. The VPartners funds are uniquely structured to offer private investors, foundations, trusts, family offices and endowments, investment opportunities that normally are only available to institutional investors. VPartners applies a diversified approach to investing in the Viola Group funds in a special economic efficient structure, and in a complementary portfolio of Israeli and Israeli-related companies, primarily in the Hi-Tech industry. VPartners benefits from unique access to the Viola Group funds, from co-investment opportunities, and from a fruitful deal flow of investment opportunities. For more information visit: